HSC "Halunder Jet" 2003-2017

After 15 successful years in Heligoland traffic, our old "Halunder Jet" sets off to new shores. In the future, he will commute as Clipper V between the Canadian ports of Vancouver - Victoria for the company Clipper Navigation from Seattle/USA, which also belongs to the FRS Gruppe. Bye beloved "Halunder Jet", have a good ride and always a hand's breadth of water under the keel!

Memories of 15 beautiful years

  • Old Halunder Jet from far away driving to the left
  • old Halunder Jet from far away with Heligoland in the background
  • the old Halunder Jet in the port of Hamburg
  • the old Halunder Jet front
  • the old Halunder Jet in front of the windpark
  • Halunder Jet arriving on Heligoland from far away
  • the old Halunder Jet on the water
  • Halunder Jet leaving Heligoland
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