Heligoland, island on the high seas

Heligoland, Germany's only island in the high seas, lies far out in the North Sea. The rustic, spectacular red rocks of the cliff, the white sands of the bathing dune, the blue-green sea all around and the unspoiled nature with rare seabirds has been attracting visitors from near and far for decades.

It is simply a lot of fun to stroll along the Heligoland shore, to visit the colourful lobster shacks at the harbour, to admire paintings and handcraft of the local artists or to enjoy specialties of Heligoland in one of the many restaurants.

There are many islands on the German North Sea shore, but none is comparable to Heligoland. Approximately 44 miles from the main land, the mighty rock of new red sandstone with its green top rises from the sea and presents a unique fauna and flora and a high sea climate that benefits from the proximity of the gulf stream.

Heligoland is a unique natural monument and an oasis for those who are afflicted by stress. The island also is a versatile holiday and adventure destination and a spa, in all seasons. You will think that a lot of things are a little different on Heligoland, though. On a short foray, you will learn a lot of noteworthy, useful, surprising and contemplative facts about Heliogoland, Germany's only island on the high seas. Because Heligoland truely is unique.

heligoland island from above

Best time to visit Heligoland

Heligoland shows its best side in every season. Germany's only high sea island offers very different charms in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Discover the tips for weather, program and excursions for your vacation on Heligoland in every season!

Best time to visit heligoland: tips on weather, program and excursions

Longest stay on the Island

You would like to spend more time on Helgoland? No problem! HSC "San Gwann" offers day guests from Cuxhaven the longest stay on the island. Discover Heligoland daily for about 6 hours, on Thursdays even almost 7 hours. No other ship offers you that. Here you will find all further information - also about the long island stay every Tuesday and Thursday with the "Halunder Jet" additionally from Hamburg.

Long term stay

Heligoland - A journey full of adventures

Kai Kestner

"Lange Anna" - Landmark of the island

47 meters high. Weighing over 26,000 tons. These are the dimensions of "Lange Anna", the famous red rock directly off Helgoland. Surrounded by rough waves, the popular tourist destination made of red sandstone braces itself against the force of the North Sea. But wind and weather also gnaw at the natural monument.

Lange Anna off Heligoland - red rock in the North Sea

Seals / bathing paradise "Düne"

About one kilometer next to the main island lies the dune of Heligoland. At only 1000 meters long and 700 meters wide, the so-called "Badedüne" (bathing dune) is not large. But with grey seals, seal banks, Caribbean bathing beaches and rare minerals, it offers paradisiacal diversity for families and nature lovers.

Sunbathe, swim and see seals
Martin Elsen Sundowner with view on the Lange Anna on Heligoland

Top 10 Photospots

Heligoland is famous for its many grey seals. Only here photographers can get so close to the animals in the wild. The cute animals are a grateful subject and charm with funny poses. Even shots of freshly born seal pups succeed. But the island in the north sea offers many more photo spots - from nature shots to historical pictures.

Top 10 photo spots on Heligoland - seals, Lange Anna, lobster stalls

Breathe deeply on Heligoland

Clean air and a mild climate: This combination can only be found in Germany on the deep-sea island of Heligoland. On Heligoland, not only allergy sufferers find relief. Also city dwellers draw it to deep breathing on the car-free North Sea island. You can find out more about it here.

North Sea island Heligoland - healthy air, bland climate
colourful shops on Heligoland

Duty free shopping

Brand-name clothing, cigarettes, spirits, jewelry and much more at bargain prices: On Heligoland, spectacular offers attract visitors for little money. The unique location of the high seas island makes this possible. The goods are offered duty-free and VAT-free.

Duty-free shopping on Heligoland - perfume, spirits, branded clothing
Archiv Museum Helgoland

History of Heligoland

Pirates, Danes, British, Germans: they all wanted to claim Heligoland for themselves. Sometimes it was about the location as a smuggler's paradise, sometimes about the military base, sometimes about the unique beauty of the island.

Heligoland's history: from smuggler's haven to place of longing

Guillemot rock Heligoland

The rugged cliffs of Heligoland's guillemot cliffs are home to large populations of guillemots, kittiwakes and gannets. Every year in June, visitors experience a breathtaking natural spectacle there - the guillemot jump.

Guillemot rock on Heligoland

Bird paradise Heligoland

Every year in March starts the breeding season of many bird species on the guillemot rock of Heligoland. In addition, the island throughout the year is used as a resting place. Here we inform about the species and give observation-tips.

Bird Paradise Heligoland

Trip to Heligoland

Here we have summarized for you what makes a trip to Heligoland so special.

Trip to Heligoland
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