Heligoland shows its best side in every season. Germany's only high sea island offers very different charms in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Discover the tips for weather, program and excursions for your vacation on Heligoland in every season!

Heligoland in spring: sun rays and nature awakening

Spring on Heligoland starts at the end of March. It is still a bit chilly. But bright sunshine and a mild climate are not uncommon on Germany's only high sea island, even in spring. Even now, the waether is often friendlier than on the mainland.

Not only visitors return to the island in spring. Migratory birds also stop off on Heligoland in huge flocks at this time of year. Seabirds start building their nests on Heligoland. The spectacle on Germany's only seabird breeding rock is a fascinating sight for young and old.

The sunny weather in spring on Heligoland ensures the first green and buds on all corners. Nevertheless, allergy sufferers need not to worry. Heligoland's air is extremely low in pollen and free of pollutants. The healing aerosols of Heligoland's North Sea air are also a real boon for asthmatics.

At Easter, the events on heligoland also start up again. At the Easter egg hunt, Easter market or Easter bonfire, both guests and locals are full of zeal. The Easter days are also the start of the event program on Heligoland in the spring full of variety. Special highlights: the Heligoland Marathon and the Whitsun Regatta.

Seabirds "Basstöpel" breeding
Heligoland from above - the lighthouse, the beach and the sea

Heligoland in summer: bathing paradise and entertainment

The summer months are the most popular time to travel to Helgoland. Nevertheless, when vacationing on Helgoland, you can find quiet spots for nature enjoyment and relaxation everywhere.

The mild, almost Mediterranean climate on Heligoland is perfect for swimming in the summer. It is often a few degrees warmer on the high sea island than on the mainland. And the sun also shines much more often in summer on Heligoland. With 17.20 degrees water temperature, the Düne separated from the main island is the most popular place at this time of year on Heligoland. The shallow water on the southern beach is especially suitable for families. Turquoise water and finest sand make the summer vacation on Heligoland perfect. The DLRG ensures safety. On the windier north beach, you can experience the impressive surf. On both beaches seals are lazing in the sun. A unique sight!

Those who had enough of the beach will find a rich offer for sightseeing and walks in nature during their summer vacation on Heligoland. Island tours, guided tours or an excursion to the Lummenfelsen, the cliff walk and the Lange Anna - on Heligoland it will not be boring even on a vacation of several days. Absolutely also includes the opportunity to store duty-free on the promenade and enjoy the seafood specialties of the island.

The entertainment program on Heligoland attracts in the summer with a colorful offer for families and couples. Music, theater, magic shows, open-air cinema, regattas are among the regular events on Heligoland in the summer. All this in the best weather and bright sunshine!

Heligoland in autum: wellness and nature enjoyment

Thanks to the mild climate, guest can still enjoy warm days on Heligoland even in autumn. But autumn on Heligoland is also often stormy. That's why now is the best time to travel for those who love the alternation between rough nature and decelerated wellness.

A must for a vacation on Heligoland in autumn is the nature treasure hunt on the nothern beach. At low tide, you can find fossilized sea urchins, starfisch and, with a bit of luck, amber. Tip for families: Children are also quickly infected by the collecting fever! At least as exciting and also in autumn on Heligoland a unique experience: The seals on the beaches of the island. Visitors are allowed to approach the animals up to 30 meters.

Those looking for deceleration and wellness will find plenty of spa offers during their autumn vacation on Heligoland. The Mare frisicum swimming ppol is particularly popular. The sauna area and the heated seawater pool on the roof are just the thing after an autumn walk on Heligoland. Other ideas for bad weather on Heligoland include a visit to the museum or a guided tour of Heligoland's bunker complex. There visitors can learn all about Heligoland's troubled role during World War II.

Autumn on Heligoland is the best time for birdwatchers. Many songbird rest on the island between August and November. On the Lange Anne and the Lummenfelsen thousands of birds cavort on Heligoland in autumn. Among them are rare species such as guillemots and gannets.

Chalk rocks in autumn surroundet by beach, grasses and water
heligoland upper country with a little bit of snow

Heligoland in Winter: Island in hibernation

In the winter months from December to the end of March, the island comes to rest. Only a few visitors are drawn to Heligoland now. It is often bitterly cold. The wind intensifies the icy feeling. Even the animals retreat: the birds' nests are empty. Seals prepare for the birth of their offspring. The whole island sinks into a frosty hibernation - until spring when guests and life return to Heligoland.

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