The rock in the open sea, the safe harbour, the romance of the island idyll. So it can't really surprise anyone that Heligoland is made for marriage.

This much in advance: of course you can get married on Heligoland officially and with all the trimmings. The island officially belongs to the district of Pinneberg and has its own registry office including a branch office.

As early as 1900, lovers travelled to Heligoland to say "I do" in the seclusion of the North Sea island. And seclusion is also the keyword, because then as now, a wedding on Heligoland offered one thing above all: the opportunity for a private and very personal ceremony with a touch of adventure - far away from the usual life on the mainland. True to the motto: anyone can have a mainland wedding, but an island wedding is something special.

Registry office on Heligoland - small but mighty

The tranquil island registry office within earshot of the surf offers space for everything the prospective bride and groom really need: a special, small ceremony in an intimate atmosphere, alone or with their closest friends and family. In fact, a total of about 15 people can gather here in the registry office not far from the promenade.

What there is no room for: everyday life, stress and hectic. But the three of them are not invited anyway. After all, it is supposed to be one of the most beautiful, if not THE most beautiful day in life.

The Heligoland registry office is open on weekdays from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm. However, it is always best to arrange appointments for weddings by e-mail or by telephone on 04725/808-330, so that all parties involved can take the necessary time for a detailed discussion.

Ralf Steinbock/ Helgoland Tourismus-Service Standesamt Helgoland.

The Heligoland Lobster Booths - especially getting married in Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein and the northern federal states have countless highlights in store when it comes to special wedding locations with maritime flair. The many lighthouses in all colours and shapes, the beach weddings on the Baltic and North Sea, here in the north the boundaries between wedding day and honeymoon tend to blur.

A wedding on Heligoland alone is anything but commonplace. But if you want to go a few steps further towards the sea, the rustic Heligoland lobster stalls are the perfect choice. In the past, the famous colourful huts served the island's fishermen as sheds and workshops; today they are cafés, restaurants, galleries or souvenir shops and all together one of the island's hotspots and sights. The 39 lobster shacks built in the course of the resettlement were designed by Hamburg architect Georg Wellhausen. The style is determined by the many small gable profiles and the characteristic colouring by the artist Johannes Ufer.

And now the best news: the local development association has made the two Hummerbuden with the numbers 38 and 39 available to the registry office as a branch office. For lovers, this means that they can also get officially married here. Afterwards, how about a romantic trip in one of the legendary Börteboote? Or your very own champagne reception on the dune?

Island tours and water taxis to the dune are available daily from the landing stage. For a trip in a traditional Börteboat, we can recommend, for example, "Börteboot Sellebrun" (book by telephone on 0162 7197431).

colourful shops on Heligoland called "Hummerbuden"

Arrival and overnight stay - Wedding night on Heligoland

Many roads may lead to Rome, but only two to Heligoland: by air or by sea. We personally prefer the waterway. The FRS Helgoline catamaran "Halunder Jet" is the perfect combination of comfort and speed. Whether you are travelling from Cuxhaven or directly from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, the ferry ride also allows larger groups to arrive and depart together.

For everyone who sets out to discover Heligoland, the basic question arises at some point: day trip or overnight stay? This also applies to guests who want to get married on the island. And yes, both are possible, both have their appeal.

A wedding day full of wonderful experiences and adventures, the sights of the island, good food and then a boat trip to the mainland. That can be simply wonderful. And the sunset over the sea is included. What's more: as soon as the ferry has called at Hamburg or Cuxhaven, the wedding night could be spent in one of the upscale hotels in the two port cities. Sounds good?

EpicStockMedia - Ein Paar am Strand.

However, the decision is not quite so easy. Because once the many daytime visitors have left the island, a very special atmosphere returns to Heligoland. It becomes noticeably quieter as the promenade is enveloped in evening light. The hustle and bustle of the day is forgotten and the island once again belongs to the locals and those who stay overnight. Now you can relax in the restaurants and bars and enjoy maritime specialities such as lobster or the famous Helgoland kneepers and a drink or two. Oh, and of course you can also watch the sunset over the sea directly from the island.

A little tip: Arriving a day (or more) before the wedding not only feels good, but also means that the bride and groom are literally on the safe side on their wedding day, should there be any cancellations in shipping traffic, for example.

Schlafzimmer mit Blick auf den Strand.

As far as accommodation on Helgoland is concerned, the bridal couple and wedding party have a wide range of options. Whether in a four-star hotel, holiday flat or guesthouse, or even a simple campsite. The wedding night becomes a question of taste. And for everyone, happiness at the end of the day lies somewhere between the four-poster bed and the canopy. This also applies to an unforgettable wedding day on Heligoland.

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Halunder Jet driving with sunshine.

The "Halunder Jet"

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