Heligoland, island on the high seas

Heligoland, Germany's only island in the high seas, lies far out in the North Sea. The rustic, spectacular red rocks of the cliff, the white sands of the bathing dune, the blue-green sea all around and the unspoiled nature with rare seabirds has been attracting visitors from near and far for decades.

It is simply a lot of fun to stroll along the Heligoland shore, to visit the colourful lobster shacks at the harbour, to admire paintings and handcraft of the local artists or to enjoy specialties of Heligoland in one of the many restaurants.

There are many islands on the German North Sea shore, but none is comparable to Heligoland. Approximately 44 miles from the main land, the mighty rock of new red sandstone with its green top rises from the sea and presents a unique fauna and flora and a high sea climate that benefits from the proximity of the gulf stream.

Heligoland is a unique natural monument and an oasis for those who are afflicted by stress. The island also is a versatile holiday and adventure destination and a spa, in all seasons. You will think that a lot of things are a little different on Heligoland, though. On a short foray, you will learn a lot of noteworthy, useful, surprising and contemplative facts about Heliogoland, Germany's only island on the high seas. Because Heligoland truely is unique.

Spectacle of Nature in the open North Sea

The new red sandstone as well as shell limestone and chalk represent a unique ground for settlement of the unique flora and fauna. Due to the extreme location of Heligoland, plants and animals that settled here cannot be found elsewhere in the North Sea. As a special feature domestic wild varieties of our cultivated plants occur on Heligoland.

Especially in spring and autumn Heligoland is a resting area for several thousand migrating birds. They get caught by the employees of the "Ornithological Station Heligoland", get ringed, measured, weighed and sent to their onward journey. On Germany's only bird rock, the rock of guillemots on Heligoland, a colony of breeding birds with more than 5,000 twosome birds can be observed from April to September regarding behaviour and breeding biology.

The secret "jewel" of the island, the dune, is located one kilometer besides the main island. On about 1,000 meter length and 700 meter width, 130,000 qm finest beach are at the guests disposal. The dune off the coast of the main island is a paradise for sun worshippers and nature lovers. At some days, up to 350 seals and grey seals are splashing around in the water.

The Dune-Ferry shuttles (subject to a charge) several times daily between the main island and the dune.

Duty- and VAT free Shopping Paradise

Nowhere in Germany you can go shopping that cheap and that good. Regarding the toll, Heligoland is a foreign country and it's outside of EU tax law obligations. After the lapse of the "Buttertrips", sea trips to buy duty-free goods, the island preserved this priviledge and still offers its goods not only duty- but also value-added-tax free. High-quality liquors and tobacco products, perfumery, optical equipment and designer clothes belong to the product range of the shops. On Heligoland you may purchase goods and products with a total value of 430.00 € free of duty.

Some traders and merchands have specialized on unique goods and services, so very high-quality goods can be offered. The beginnings of the exemption from taxation goes back to the times of the English rule from 1807 to 1890. Along with the handover to the German Reich, it was set that special regulations implemented under the English rule should endure under the "German Flag".

Advice: Long term stay

We offer our daytrippers the longest stay on the island. Take advantage of watching seals on the dune or go shopping in the tiny streets on the up and downlands... you've got enough time! With our catamaran "Halunder Jet" you'll enjoy 4 1/2 hours on the beautiful island: every tuesday and thursday from March to November.

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