Helgoland steckt voller Überraschungen. Wer beim Wetter auf der einzigen deutschen Hochseeinsel nur an raue Bedingungen denkt, wird überrascht sein zu erfahren, dass Helgoland zu den Orten der Bundesrepublik mit den meisten Sonnenstunden zählt. Denn tatsächlich: Die Nordseeinsel ergattert jedes Jahr über 2000 Sonnenstunden. Und auch darüber hinaus: Das Wetter ist hier so vielseitig wie die Insel selbst.

Temperatures on Heligoland: Four Seasons, One High-Sea Island

More sunshine than on the mainland. And the winters on Helgoland are also relatively mild - especially compared to the German mainland. With average winter temperatures of 6.4°C, it is not only warmer on the island than in the rest of the country, but a white Christmas is also a rather rare phenomenon. And so it is quite possible that it is still 10°C colder when you leave the mainland than when you arrive on Heligoland.

What's the reason for that? That's the point: the location. Because the waters around Helgoland are warmed by the Gulf Stream. The higher water temperature acts as a heat reservoir for the island, keeping the frost in the surrounding area away from the high seas island. This makes fog in winter much more likely than snow.

Spring gradually begins on Heligoland from the end of March. The temperatures rise again, the buds sprout and the migratory birds return to the island - together with the tourists. But while most guests return to the mainland in the evening with our ferry, the birds start building their nests in the spring months. The average temperatures in the spring months of April and May are already 8.6°C and 10.7°C respectively.

Although the weather on the island can be extremely variable even in summer, it is bearable with average temperatures around 21°C. Summer nights on Heligoland are also pleasantly mild at 13°C to 16°C - which is particularly pleasing for guests at the local campsite. Water temperatures average 17.5°C in the summer months.

The warm summer weather continues in large parts until autumn. Although it gets rainier and windier from the end of September. With average temperatures of 10°C, this means about 15 to 20 rainy days per autumn month for Helgoland. Not unusual for the North Sea.

Nevertheless, birdwatchers in particular are drawn to the island in autumn. This is when countless species of songbirds rest on Heligoland. The spectacle is particularly spectacular on the famous "Lange Anna", where thousands of birds now flock. Also there: guillemots and gannets. Both species are extremely popular photo motifs among bird and nature lovers.

And right now? The current weather on Heligoland:

The webcam on Heligoland: Live for the island

Revel in memories or treat yourself to a good portion of anticipation. A webcam on Heligoland makes just that possible. But be careful: a few moments are enough and you will inevitably want to go to the island.

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