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Take a deep breath on Heligoland

On Heligoland, you can breathe freely - the German high sea island with its unique climate ensures that respiratory problems and allergies are alleviated. But not only allergy sufferers benefit from the clean air: discover the advantages of a holiday on Heligoland.

Ocean climate against respiratory diseases

The climate on Heligoland is unique: Due to its exceptional location, 60 km off Germany's North Sea coast, the sea air with its high salt content can provide relief from respiratory diseases, asthma or even colds. The North Sea around Heligoland stores the heat and, together with the Gulf Stream, ensures that the climate on the island is mild in all seasons.

Do pollen cause you problems? Not on Heligoland! The unique climatic conditions mean that there is hardly any pollen on the island, which helps allergy sufferers in particular to "take a deep breath". As cars are not allowed to drive on Heligoland, you are not exposed to car exhaust fumes during your holiday.

the entire island Heligoland from above

From massages, sea silt & seawater baths

sunset next to the lange anna

Did you know that Heligoland is a North Sea spa? This means that you can also enjoy many different spa treatments on Heligoland. Whether it's massages, treatments with sea silt, swimming in the seawater pool or sauna sessions - Heligoland has a lot to offer when it comes to relaxation, your wellbeing and therapeutic applications for outpatient cures. So you can also have treatments prescribed by your family doctor. Possible indications for treatments on Heligoland are allergies, respiratory diseases (e.g. cough, asthma, bronchitis, hay fever), cardiovascular diseases or even metabolic diseases. But you can also receive treatment on Heligoland for rheumatic diseases of the joints, muscles and bones.

Breathe deeply & forget the stress

What is better than letting the North Sea wind blow your head free... On Heligoland, you can take a deep breath, forget all your appointments and obligations for a while and concentrate on yourself. Whether you lie on the beach and finally read the book that has been on your wish list for so long, observe the indigenous nature and animal world, take a walk over the island and dunes or drink coffee in one of the cafés - during a holiday on Heligoland you can switch off and recharge your batteries. It is not only during the day that you can forget the stress of work and leisure, the island's location means that you can watch the stars at night - without the annoying light sources from cars or street lamps. Enjoy the unspoilt nature and breathe deeply on Heligoland.

heligoland beach
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