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Holiday fun on Heligoland

Holidays with the whole family, is that possible on Heligoland? Sure! Heligoland offers many leisure activities for young and old, ensuring unforgettable experiences during the holidays.

Parents or grandparents can relax while the children explore the island. They cannot run away on the 1 km2 North Sea island and the citizens of Heligoland always take care of each other (and of tourists). So you do not have to worry.

Play & fun both on land & in the water

Whether you are a land or water rat, Heligoland has the right thing for every little adventurer. Children can play on the dune on the beach and build sandcastles or romp around the various playgrounds on the island. How about a game of mini golf? Every year from April onwards you can tee off on the dune. Those who prefer to jump on the trampoline, play tennis or watch films will also find what they are looking for on Heligoland: On the main island there is a tennis court and a trampoline. In summer, films are also shown in the open air cinema.

Children look at the sea

Bad weather? No problem on Heligoland

Girl at book corner on Halunder Jet

Should it rain during the holidays, there are still enough activities for children on Heligoland. How about a visit to the cinema in the Nordseehalle? Water rats can not only swim in the sea on Heligoland, there is also a swimming pool with a bubbling geyser, jet stream canal and play area. The various guided tours offered on Heligoland are also exciting: During the bunker tour, the underground passages under Heligoland can be explored. Or you can take a look at the lobster station and the diving centre.

Little explorers, pay attention

What does the Heligoland Feuerstein actually look like? What is the Lummenfelsen? Which bird species breed only on Heligoland? And what special plant species can only be found here on the island? Little researchers can explore all this and much more on Heligoland. Not only can they explore the island, but also tours around Heligoland with the historic Börte boats, island tours from the FRS Helgoline or tours over the upper and lower parts of the island with the Börte railway offer many things to discover for children.

Island tour with children on Heligoland
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