Goodbye contact lists. We use luca

The check-in system "luca" enables fast and data protection compliant contact tracking on Heligoland, on board of the FRS Helgoline and on other North Sea islands in order to interrupt corona infection chains.

Register once and use it anywhere on Heligoland

You will come across luca everywhere on Heligoland: In retail, the hotel and restaurants, in holiday apartments, event spaces and all leisure facilities. With luca you only register once and can then conveniently just scan the QR codes on display. This enables quick and responsible contact tracking and a safe stay.

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The special thing about luca

A new feature of the luca app is the form of communication among guests in the event of an infection. With this application, there is a direct link with the health department. The health department's access to the securely stored data takes place via a two-factor approval.

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