Halunder Jet from far with sunshine on the water.

FRS-Helgoline Merchandise Products

Get yourself some vacation vibes with our FRS-Helgoline merchandise products into your home.

In case you are interested in one of our products, please send us an e-mail containing your order as well as the billing and shipping address to [email protected]*.

The stock is limited.

Your piece "Halunder Jet"

With our Halunder Jet key chain in the dimensions 6.0 x 2.5 x 0.3 cm you have the opportunity to take your memories of a relaxing trip to Heligoland always with you. This limited key chain was made from an original aluminum plate of the new Halunder Jet.

Price: 14,90 plus shipping costs

The ship model of the "old" Halunder Jet

With the ship model of the "old" Halunder Jet many of our guests share some nice memories of a trip to Heligoland. Order the model in the dimensions 14.5 x 3.5 x 5.5 cm for a long lasting memory. (Scale 1: 400)

Price: 5,95 € plus shipping costs

Your Halunder Jet Key Chain

With our handy 2in1 metal key chain, you now always have a shopping cart chip with you on your key.
The shopping cart chip shows the new Halunder Jet and the key chain contains the Helgoline logo. The key chain has a height of about 4cm.

Price: 9,95 € plus shipping costs

The new FRS-Helgoline coffee pot

We now offer another coffee mug with a picture of our Halunder Jet in the clear blue sea. Next to the Halunder Jet are shown the saying "Don't tell people your dreams. Show them." and the Helgoline logo.
The cup has a diameter of about 8cm and a height of about 9cm.

Price: 9,90 € plus shipping

The Halunder Jet Puzzle

We built the new "Halunder Jet" in less than 12 months. Are you faster? Let the new Heligoland catamaran come to life in front of your eyes - in 192 parts. The ideal gift for all children, puzzle fans and friends of the "Halunder Jet"!

Price: 16,90 € plus shipping costs

The ship model of the "Halunder Jet"

The crafted metal ship model in scale 1: 1250 is handpainted, just as the original, and comes in a jewelry box with mini diorama. On the back of the approximately 6 x 4 x 3.5 cm box you will find some data of the "Halunder Jet".

Preis: 24,90 plus shipping costs

For packaging and shipping EUR 5,00 will be added to your invoice. (For shippings out of Germany, the prices may vary)

* The normal letter transit times of Deutsche Post apply for which we can not give any guarantees.

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