FRS-Helgoline Merchandise Products

Get yourself some vacation vibes with our FRS-Helgoline merchandise products into your home.

In case you are interested in one of our products, please send us an e-mail containing your order as well as the billing and shipping address to [email protected]*.

The stock is limited.

Halunder Jet art print by Leiß

This limited and signed art print by the artist Hans-Ruprecht Leiß is the perfect add-on in every living room. It shows Heligoland with the "Halunder Jet" and has the dimensions of 100 x 34 cm.

price: 59,00 € plus shipping costs

Please click on the picture to see the whole print.

Your piece "Halunder Jet"

With our Halunder Jet key chain in the dimensions 6.0 x 2.5 x 0.3 cm you have the opportunity to take your memories of a relaxing trip to Heligoland always with you. This limited key chain was made from an original aluminum plate of the new Halunder Jet.

Price: 14,90 plus shipping costs

The ship model of the "old" Halunder Jet

With the ship model of the "old" Halunder Jet many of our guests share some nice memories of a trip to Heligoland. Order the model in the dimensions 14.5 x 3.5 x 5.5 cm for a long lasting memory. (Scale 1: 400)

Price: 5,95 € plus shipping costs

For packaging and shipping EUR 5,00 will be added to your invoice. (For shippings out of Germany, the prices may vary)

* The normal letter transit times of Deutsche Post apply for which we can not give any guarantees.

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