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If you want to book a day trip with this route, this is unfortunately not possible due to the departures we offer. If you want a one-way trip or a multi-day trip, please ignore this message. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 0461 864-44

Daytrip to the North Sea Spa Cuxhaven

Experience an unforgettable day in the beautiful North Sea spa Cuxhaven. Enjoy the wonderful beaches, a mudflat walk, a stroll through the center, the district Duhnen and much more.

beach in Cuxhaven


Twice a day, visitors have the opportunity to explore the Wadden Sea at low tide. Wadding tours are offered on site, which introduce guests to the beautiful nature of the North Sea spa in Cuxhaven. For the slightly more comfortable visitors, we recommend to relax in between in one of the many straw baskets to enjoy the flair of the North Sea. With our "Halunder Jet" you combine this trip with a ride on the Elbe, on the largest and fastest catamaran in the German Bay.

beach in Cuxhaven shot by martin elsen
Drawing of a seagull

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