As a shipping company, it is particularly important to us to protect the environment, especially the seas, and to reduce our ecological footprint. Throughout the Group, FRS implements sustainable business practices and provides food for thought for intelligent solutions and ways to reduce the environmental impact of its subsidiaries.
FRS Helgoline joins this approach and works on innovative concepts to protect the ecosystem.

Waste Reduction

Since 2020, one of our goals is to reduce the environmental impact by reducing waste production. We will therefore completely abandon plastic bottles on the "Halunder Jet" and reduce waste in general.

coffee in the halunder jets premium class
Halunder Jet and its toilet for disabled people.

Saving Resources

To flush the toilet facilities on the "Halunder Jet", water from the Elbe or North Sea is used to conserve drinking water supplies. An ultra-modern waste water treatment plant according to the latest IMO regulations for "Green Shipping" is also installed on the "Halunder Jet". In this way, we ensure that drinking water is not wasted unnecessarily and that rivers and seas are not polluted by waste water.

Marine Conservation

Together with FRS, we stand for the protection and preservation of the maritime environment. To this end, we work throughout the Group on projects relating to marine and coastal protection.

Further information on specific measures will follow shortly.

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