We want to support others and give something back to society. The promotion of social commitment and the region are close to our hearts.

We for the region

Under the motto "We for the region", FRS Helgoline will present extensive club sponsoring in the future. The aim is to inspire children and young people to take part in joint sporting activities and thus promote social interaction.

Eine Jugend Fußballmanschaft.
Oskar auf der Brücke. Oskar am Strand, bei den Robben. Oskar auf der Klippe.


A very special day!
Together with the Wünsch Dir Was e.V. association, we fulfilled Oskar's absolute heart's desire on Easter Sunday 2023: he went to Helgoland to the grey seals and guillemot rocks by the "Halunder Jet".

With Crohn's disease (a chronic gastrointestinal inflammation), Oskar has to avoid foods, sweets and drinks every day that healthy children take for granted. These deprivations, in addition to the accompanying medical symptoms and necessary examinations, are very frustrating. Now it was to be the other way round, Oskar was allowed to enjoy something special!

The excitement was incredibly great when he stood on the "Halunder Jet" in Hamburg harbour early in the morning and it actually started! As a nature and technology fan, it was the greatest thing for him to sit next to the captain up on the bridge. The captain not only answered all Oskar's questions, but explained and showed him everything. Oskar was even allowed to help with docking at Heligoland harbour.
After arriving on Heligoland, they went to see the seals on the dune. On the beach, Oskar was immediately greeted by countless grey seals. Back on the main island, Oskar also wanted to explore the cliff edge path. He discovered steep cliffs, the lange Anna and countless birds.

In the afternoon, the "Halunder Jet" took him back towards his home town of Hamburg. On the Elbe, Oskar was allowed to go up on the bridge once more. A long, exciting and unforgettable day passed!

We are happy that we were able to fulfil Oskar's heart's desire.

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