Offshore wind park

Excursion to the Offshore wind farm

In November 2014, it was put into service: the offshore wind farm "Meerwind Süd|Ost" is located 23km north of the island of Heligoland and consists of 80 wind energy plants altogether.

In about 30 minutes, the "Halunder Jet" arrives at the wind farm, in which we will stay for 30 minutes. Afterwards, we will return back in about 30 minutes. "Meerwind Süd|Ost" is one of the first commercially operated wind farms in Germany. The establishment cost about 1.3 billion euros, up to 360.000 households are provided with electricity and renewable energies. 150 people living on Heligoland are entrusted with maintanance, repair works, and service.

Learn interesting and exciting things about the wind farm on an excursion on the catamaran "Halunder Jet":

During the voyage, a video of the windpark operator WindMW informs you about the challenges of building and operating the windpark "Meerwind Süd|Ost"

The Offshore trips will come back in 2022.

Ticket prices and dates 2023 - wind farm "Meerwind Süd|Ost"

From Heligoland Departure
11th July 2023 01:15 pm
8th August 2023 01:15 pm
5th September 2023 01:15 pm
Ticket prices
Adults 47,00 €*
Children (4-14 years)  23,00 €*

* Fares from Heligoland in Jet and Panorama Class, excluding fuel surcharge

Unique offer: Excursion to the wind farm Kaskasi - new and innovative

The new and innovative offshore wind farm Kaskasi is located 35 km north of the island of Helgoland and consists of 38 wind turbines. The first assets of the Kaskasi wind farm were put into operation in August 2022. With recyclable rotor blades, the wind farm is the first in the world to install rotor blades for reuse.

On an excursion ride on the "Halunder Jet" you will learn interesting and exciting facts about the Kaskasi Wind Farm. Within 45 minutes you will reach the offshore wind farm from Helgoland. The stay at the wind farm will be 30 minutes and afterwards the "Halunder Jet" will accompany you back to the island of Helgoland. With a total capacity of 342 megawatts, the wind farm supplies electricity to up to 400,000 households.

During the trip, you will learn more about the Kaskasi Wind Farm and its new and innovative processes as the technological advances.

Ticket prices and dates 2023 - wind farm Kaskasi

From Heligoland Departure
15th June 2023 01:15 pm
Ticket prices
Adults 63,00 €*
Children (4-14 years)  31,00 €*

* Fares from Heligoland in Jet and Panorama Class, excluding fuel surcharge


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Due to the short-term significant increase in fuel costs, we are unfortunately forced to temporarily levy a fuel surcharge of € 2 per person and route. We are constantly monitoring the dynamic development of fuel costs and will review the surcharge on a monthly basis. Thank you for your understanding.

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