Drawing of the "Halunder Jet" surrounded by symbols of covid measures

Travelling together safely

We warmly welcome you on board of our "Halunder Jet". To ensure that you travel safely with us even in times of the coronavirus, we will inform you here about the changes on board. After all, the health of you and our employees is very important to us.


You do not need any 3G credentials to travel with "Halunder Jet".


The current Corona regulations of the federal states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein apply.

Further information can also be found at www.helgoland.de.

Status: 30th September 2022

Keep your distance

Together we travel with distance. For this purpose we have adapted the seating plan of the "Halunder Jet" and installed additional transparent partitions. You can see the detailed changes in our seating plan.

Justus Keller Seats on the "Halunder Jet" seperated with a glass wall

Reduce contacts

Book your tickets online and get on board without contact with our digital boarding. We also recommend contactless payment.

Digital scanning of tickets

Move safely on board

Please pay attention to the marked walking directions and entrances and exits on board. Be careful of each other and always keep a distance of 1.5m. Please be considerate of slower passengers.

Sticker on the ship's floor "Please keep distance"

Fresh air

We have converted our modern air conditioning system to 100% fresh air. This significantly reduces the spread of viruses on board. Our open decks are also accessible, please keep your distance of 1.5m to each other there and if thats not possible a medical mask is required.

Halunder Jet and its deck with sunny weather.

Protect each other

As it is not always possible to keep a distance of 1.5 m between each other when boarding and deboarding as well as you are moving around the ship, we ask you to wear a mouth-and-nose protection. You are free to remove it at your seat.

A couple with medical masks in front of Heligoland

No need to wait

You check in your luggage at the port of departure. On Heligoland you do not have to wait in front of the ship, your luggage will be brought directly to your accommodation for 5 €/piece. This way we avoid queues at the baggage claim.

Suitcase with strap

What you can do to protect yourself and others

  • Follow the attached conducts on board and the instructions of the staff.
  • Maintain a safe distance of 1.5 m from other passengers and the crew wherever possible.
  • Contact our staff at the first sign of seasickness.
  • Use our offers for contactless ordering and payment.
  • Use the possibility of online booking including the e-ticket and a digital check-in.
  • Show consideration to others.
Corona - etiquette also applies on Heligoland!

Please remember that the protection from Corona does not end when you leave the mainland or the "Halunder Jet".

  • Keep a distance of 1.5m to other visitors all over the island.
  • Wear your mouth and nose protection in all shops and establishments.
  • Be aware of the reduced number of people in shops and establishments.
  • Always observe the general hygiene instructions.


A heartfelt thank you for this - also on behalf of all island lovers.


Reaching the goal together

In summary, it can be said that only together we can maintain a safe travel again.

Here you will find once again all safety measures on land and at sea in detail:

On board

  • Please wear a mouth-nose protection (FFP2 or medical mask) on the ship. You may take it off when you have food and drinks.
  • We have increased the number of disinfection facilities as well as labelling on board to encourage passengers to wash and disinfect their hands more often and to do so in accordance with precise guidelines.
  • Our hand dryers in the sanitary facilities are enriched with UV light. This kills 99% of the corona viruses.
  • Regular cleaning is a must. Due to the current situation we have further increased the frequency of cleaning our counters, handrails, door handles and our sanitary facilities.
  • The seating plan was adjusted and partitions were installed to keep the distance to the passengers.
  • Contactless ordering and payment of food and drinks is possible during the entire crossing.
  • We have converted our modern air conditioning system to 100% fresh air. In this way we significantly reduce the spread of viruses on board.
  • Use contactless boarding with an e-ticket.

At our ticket offices

  • We have extended the disinfection possibilities at our ticket offices and installed acrylic glass panels at the points of sale.
  • We have increased the information labelling for passengers to promote personal health and safety.
  • We have increased the use of disinfectants in our toilets, offices, desks, ticket offices and the information labelling to remind people of the health and safety of washing their hands.
  • We have informed and trained our employees and crews to maintain good health and how to proceed in case of illness and/or suspicious cases.
  • We are in constant contact with the relevant authorities in order to be able to take further measures at any time to achieve the best possible safety for our guests, employees and crew members.
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