Car-free Heligoland: high-sea climate to take a deep breath

Clean air and a bland climate: this combination is only available on Heligoland in Germany. Not only allergy sufferers find relief on Heligoland. City dwellers are also drawn to the car-free North Sea island to catch a deep breath.

60 kilometres separate Heligoland from the German North Sea coast. Far from pollen and exhaust pollution, Germany's only high seas island is a place to take a deep breath and recharge your batteries. The bland climate attracts spa guests and those seeking relaxation to Heligoland at any time of year.

Blick vom Heck des "Halunder Jet" auf Helgoland.

Help with respiratory ailments

The high salinity is a balm for people with asthma and other respiratory ailments. A stay on Heligoland also promises relief from colds. The bracing climate deepens respiratory activity and strengthens the immune system. As a recognised North Sea spa, Heligoland offers numerous spa treatments.

Bland climate

Fig trees and palm trees in Schleswig-Holstein? Yes, but only on Heligoland! The North Sea, warmed by the Gulf Stream, gives the island extremely bland temperatures and an almost Mediterranean climate. Ideal conditions for a day on the bathing dune.

Rest on prescription

Heligoland is a recognised North Sea spa. The rich offer of therapy and wellness services such as massages, treatments with sea silt, swimming in the seawater pool or sauna sessions as well as the island's medical infrastructure are ideal for outpatient cures. For respiratory ailments (e.g. cough, asthma, bronchitis and hayfever), cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases as well as rheumatic diseases of the joints, muscles and bones, you can also have curative treatments on Heligoland prescribed by your doctor.


Family walking, houses and the landmark "Lange Anna" in the background

Pollen-free zone

For people troubled by hay fever, Heligoland is an island of relaxation. The pollen load on Heligoland is minimal due to the unique climatic conditions. So even allergy sufferers can take a deep breath.

Bye exhaust

Cars are not welcome on Heligoland. Without smog and exhaust fumes, the island offers a place of escape, especially for city dwellers. Away from stress, noise and thick air, a short trip to the North Sea island is often enough to recharge energy reserves for many weeks.

Heligoland's flag

Clean fresh air and starry sky

It's also a breath of fresh air for the eyes. Where there are no skyscrapers, smog and highways, you can look out into nature, far and undisturbed. Especially in the dark, the absence of disturbing light sources from headlights and street lamps is noticeable - when looking up at the breathtaking starry sky.


Halunder Jet driving with sunshine.

"Halunder Jet"

Wide seats, panoramic windows, large open decks: enjoy a comfortable crossing. "Halunder Jet" impresses with modern design and a top speed of 36 knots!

"Halunder Jet"
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Get information about the current departure times in the direction of Heligoland from Hamburg, Brunsbüttel and Cuxhaven here. The high seas island with its many facets is waiting to be discovered by you!

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