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Welcome to FRS Helgoline!

Enjoy the pure island feeling on the charming island of Heligoland, Germany's only offshore island. Our new state-of-the-art "Halunder Jet" takes you comfortable and safe to lovely Heligoland. No matter if you choose to start your adventure in Hamburg or Cuxhaven.

Which colour has vacation?

Red, of course! Like the Lange Anna, the "Halunder Jet", etc. We literally offer you a red thread for your next trip to Helgoland and at the same time the chance to win a free short trip to Sylt!


Everything around your trip

Here you will find, among other things, everything about the ports, your luggage, benefits on board, dogs, frequently asked questions as well as special offers. All information about your next trip is summarized here for you.

Your Journey

Offshore island Heligoland

Everything worth seeing and knowing about Heligoland at a glance! Learn more about the "Lange Anna", the best photo spots, seals, the guilliemot rock and much more. The island adventure is waiting to be discovered by you.

Heligoland Island

Gastro-offer "Kat & satt"

From now on you can add special dishes to your ticket when you book your ticket for the highspeed-catamaran "Halunder Jet"! Find out more about how you can save up to 5 % in the future!

Gastro-special: "Kat & Satt"-ticket

Offshore wind park

Learn interesting and exciting facts about the offshore wind park Meerwind Süd|Ost on an excursion with the catamaran "Halunder Jet". Come on board and discover the wind park up close.

Offshore Windpark

Package tours to Heligoland

Arrival with "Halunder Jet" + hotelstay = Saving money

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Heligoland, island on the high seas

Heligoland, Germany's only island in the high seas, lies far out in the North Sea. The rustic, spectacular red rocks of the cliff, the white sands of the bathing dune, the blue-green sea all around and the unspoiled nature with rare seabirds have been attracting visitors from near and far for decades.

It is simply a lot of fun to stroll along the Heligoland shore, to visit the colourful lobster shacks at the harbour, to admire paintings and handcraft of the local artists or to enjoy specialties of Heligoland in one of the many restaurants.

There are many islands on the German North Sea shore, but none is comparable to Heligoland. Approximately 44 miles from the main land, the mighty rock of new red sandstone with its green top rises from the sea and presents a unique fauna and flora and a high sea climate that benefits from the proximity of the gulf stream.

Heligoland is an oasis for those who are afflicted by stress. The island is a unique natural monument spared by ecological problems. Heligoland is also a versatile holiday, adventure destination, and a spa, in all seasons. You will think that a lot of things are a little different on Heligoland, though. On a short foray, you will learn a lot of noteworthy, useful, surprising and contemplative facts about Heliogoland, Germany's only island on the high seas. Because Heligoland truely is unique.

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Your maritime and relaxed journey from and to Sylt.

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