Children Traveling Alone

Your child is traveling to Heligoland or back alone? We are kindly looking after your child so that it arrives at its destination safely.

Children between 0 and 7 years have to be accompanied. Children between 8 and 14 years can either travel with a chaperon that is at least 16 years old or you make use of our care service. The Helgoline-care service makes sure that your child is handed over to the contact person at the destination port. Care-taking during the crossing CANNOT be afforded by the Helgoline-care service.

Please notify our staff during the booking of the trip that your child is going to travel alone. The boarding card will be marked accordingly. At the departure port, the child will receive a "child care pouch" that has to be worn visibly throughout the entire journey. The pouch contains all important travel documents:

  • Ticket
  • Filled out child-care form
  • Valid passport/ child ID
  • Allergy pass (recommended)

We expect the chaperon to stay at the port of departure until the take-off of the vessel. Likewise the designated contact person has to be at the destination port at the time the vessel arrives. We will make sure the child meets the person noted on the child-care form. This person has to prove her/his identity to our staff by an official ID document containing a photography. (Passport, driving licence. etc.)

FRS Helgoline offers the care service free of charge.

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