What is hidden behind...?

You are planning your next trip, but you are not quite sure what is behind some terms? Then here is a collection of the most important terms relating to your trip with FRS Helgoline. For example, what exactly offers you which seat category or where the difference between a multi-day and day trip lies.

Seat categories

Premium Class

Our Premium Class (formerly Comfort Class) is located on the front top deck in a separate salon. Here you can enjoy an outstanding view and superior comfort thanks to the large panoramic windows and generously sized seats, all of which come with a table. Non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks, fresh fruit and a selection of daily newspapers are available free of charge. A VIP balcony is also available for your use. From there, you can exclusively enjoy the unique view. (Open while in the harbour)

  • seats in the halunder jet's premium class
  • premium class from outside

Panorama Class

The new Panorama Class (formerly Premium Jet Class) extends across the window seats and the first rows in the front main deck. Here you can enjoy superior quality, even more comfort and a first-class view outside.  


  • Panorama class of the Halunder Jet.
  • seats from the right panorama class
  • seats in front of the window in panorama class

Jet Class

The traditional Jet Class is located in the interior of the main and upper deck. Here also the seats are wider and more comfortable than on the old Halunder Jet. You can choose between seats facing in the direction of travel and groups of seats with tables, where you can spend the almost four-hour journey pleasantly with friends or family. Enjoy the trip together and experience the very best in comfort.

  • glass ceiling inside the halunderjets jetclass
  • seats in the halunder jets jetclass
  • group of seats inside the halunder jets jet class

VIP Class

In VIP Class, nothing and no one obstructs your view. In the 1st row you have all the advantages that you also have in the Premium or Panorama Class you have chosen (see above). However, here you also enjoy full legroom with an incomparable panoramic view of the vast sea, so that you can forget everything around you and relax completely.

  • Ausblick der VIP-Class.
  • Die VIP-Class des "Halunder Jet".
  • Ausblick der VIP-Class.

Areas on the ship

Main Deck (short MD)

On the "Halunder Jet" this is where the Jet and Panorama Class are located.

Upper Deck (short UD)

On the upper deck of the "Halunder Jet" all classes can be found, but the Premium Class is in a separate salon.

Trips offered

Day trip

In the case of a day trip, the outward and return trips take place on the same day.

Multiday trip

You are planning your vacation or a weekend trip to Helgoland? Then book a multi-day trip with us. This means that the outward and retun journeys take place on different days.

One way trip

This is probably self-explanatory. You book only one tour from Hamburg, Brunsbüttel. Cuxhaven or Helgoland to your destination port.

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