Webcam Heligoland: Live view of the island and ships

Check the weather on Helgoland, watch ships docking and casting off or simply take a longing look at Germany's only high seas island: With the HD live webcam for Helgoland you are very close to your favourite island.

Webcam at the Port of Heligoland

The Heligoland webcam broadcasts a panorama livestream of the island around the clock. The view of the landing stages and the port of Heligoland is particularly exciting. Follow, for example, the live entry of the high-speed catamaran "Halunder Jet" of FRS Helgoline or discover Germany's largest sea rescue cruiser. The "Herrmann Marwede" is responsible for SAR (Search and Rescue) operations in the German Bight. But the Heligoland webcam also focuses on motorboats, sailing yachts and fishing cutters.

Helgoline and the beach juwel lighthouse

Nature and weather on Heligoland up to date

The Webcam Heligoland provides spectacular real-time impressions of the island. Whether storm tide or glaring sunshine, a view of the cosy houses or the famous lighthouse - get a piece of the island on your screen with the Heligoland webcam. You will notice how close you are to the action when a flock of seabirds suddenly flutters through the picture just a few metres away from the camera. But don't worry: the webcam does not disturb the wild life on Helgoland. The webcam is mounted in the upper part of the island at a lofty height. The partial trembling of the image is due to the gusts of wind on the high seas island.

Heligoland Island
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