Crossing to Heligoland

FRS Helgoline is the most relaxed way to go

The crossing to Heligoland is an experience in itself: the high-speed catamaran takes you from Hamburg to Heligoland in just 3.5 hours - from Brunsbüttel it only takes around 2 hours on the "Halunder Jet", and from Cuxhaven it is only around 70 minutes to the island. On board, you can expect large open decks, comfortable seats, panoramic windows and an incomparable view of the vast North Sea. Thanks to reserved seats, friendly staff and service at every seat, the trip on the catamaran is a real highlight for every passenger.

Crossing Heligoland with the highspeed catamaran

With 36 knots (approx. 67 km/h) to Heligoland - this is only possible with a highspeed catamaran. This makes the crossing to Heligoland part of the island adventure. Enjoy the impressive power of the engines of the ship "Halunder Jet". Despite high speed you will experience a relaxed Heligoland crossing. This is ensured by the excellent sea state behavior and the computer-controlled stabilization system of our ferries.

Mother and child at the ships tail, in the background the sun and the sea

Enjoy the view during the crossing to Heligoland

Whether on the open deck or through the panoramic windows in the interior - the view during the crossing to Helgoland is unique. This begins with the spectacular journey through the port of Hamburg or the departure from Brunsbüttel or Cuxhaven. Upon arrival to Helgoland, you will enjoy a very special view of the island's rock formations. The perfect way to get in the mood for your vacation on Heligoland!

Relaxing crossing to Heligoland

Take a seat on the comfortable seats with extra legroom. You have the choice between four seat categories during the crossing to Heligoland. Whether with table or window, in the direction of travel, with adjustable backrests or even with your own VIP balcony - your Heligoland crossing is sure to be relaxing. On all seats you can enjoy our gastronomic service directly at your seat. There is also free WLAN everywhere and on-board entertainment via screens or your own mobile device. The "Halunder Jet" also offers USB sockets at the seats.

  • A couple in the "Halunder Jet"'s panorama looking through the big windows
  • Family on bord getting served their food
  • Zwei Kinder in der Panorama-Class.
  • Ein Paar in der Panorama-Class.

Enjoy Heligoland with children

Children will certainly not be bored during the crossing to Heligoland. At the comfortable seat with table, little passengers can listen to audio books, read books or draw. It's at least as exciting to admire the foaming spray and keep an eye out for seagulls.

Halunder Jet driving with sunshine.

"Halunder Jet"

Der "Halunder Jet"

Wide seats, panoramic windows, large open decks: enjoy a comfortable crossing. "Halunder Jet" impresses with modern design and a top speed of 36 knots!

"Halunder Jet"
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Here you will find everything about the different fares per seat category, the season times and vouchers. Information on the senior fare and the family ticket is also available here.

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Get information about the current departure times in the direction of Heligoland from Hamburg, Brunsbüttel and Cuxhaven here. The high seas island with its many facets is waiting to be discovered by you!

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