Ship spotting on the Elbe

Where watching ships becomes relaxation

The Port of Hamburg is not only one of the most important seaports in Europe, as the "gateway to the world" it has always been a place of longing for everyone who dreams of distant countries. Thousands of ships head for the port of the Hanseatic city every year. Among them are true ocean giants such as freighters or container ships with a length of up to 400 meters and, of course, more and more cruise ships that visit Hamburg with their countless holiday-makers or set off on holiday from there. However, small fishing boats and private sailors still head for Germany's most famous port. In short: No wonder that the Hanseatic city is one of THE attractions for ship spotters.

What is ship spotting? The fascination of watching others travel

The ship spotting community is all about one thing: photographing really big ships. Long journeys, rough weather, none of this can stop the fans of the ocean liners from making a pilgrimage to the best photo spots and the most spectacular ships. Particularly popular in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg: the view from the time-honoured Landungsbrücken. With its almost 690 meter long jetty, the Hamburger Schiffsbahnhof actually offers enough space for all those who not only want to dream of distant places, but also want to get a glimpse of the big ocean liners. But there is more.

Shipspotting on the Elbe: Containership

Ship spotting from the ship: Admire ships in action

The big ships can also be experienced up close. And not just on a harbor tour. Leaving the mainland can be worthwhile. Especially when it comes to watching ships. An excursion with Halunder Jet not only offers the experience of a catamaran trip and an unforgettable stay on Germany's only offshore island, Heligoland, but also the chance to catch a really special view of the ocean giants. Unlike in the port, you can also take photos of the ships in action. This is ship spotting as it should be!

Like the big freighters that set off for all over the world, the FRS Halunder Jet also departs from the legendary St. Pauli Landungsbrücken in the direction of the North Sea. Of course, the banks of the Elbe offer a number of sights: from the impressive floating docks and shipyards to the stylish villas of Blankenese and the picturesque Altes Land. But of course: ship spotters will be particularly impressed by the passing large and small ships that are gradually making their way through the Elbe.

Particularly practical: our guests always have the best views of the passing ships through the large panoramic windows on every deck – regardless of the weather. Travelers can expect one or two highlights on the way to Cuxhaven and the mouth of the Elbe. For ship spotters with staying power, our high-speed machine already has WIFI and USB connections for processing and sharing the spectacular images. Directly from board. This ship is therefore exactly the right choice for ship spotting on the Elbe.

shipspotting on the Elbe: Containership
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